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Lean is an easy to explain and easy to understand method.

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Company growth

Involved employees realise lasting change.

Performing at your best and get going more motivated.

The people in an organisation ensure the real change and require support with that. Educating, guiding and coaching these people is essential for success and lasting results. From this belief I get to work with individial employees and managers, and teams with theoretical and practical training and guidance in their everyday practise.

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See-Do-Lead method | Training & Coaching | Facilitating | Advice

See-Do-Lead method

With this method employees will learn to work in a Lean way step-by-step.

The way you look, makes what you see as waste.

Don’t wait any longer and get started!

Training & Coaching

Everything you pay attention to, will grow

A continuous process.

Employees are the real change makers and they need support to do it. Training, guiding and coaching employees is essential for success and sustainable results.


Shorter throughput times and better quality

Realising lasting change.

From brainstorm-, Value Stream Mapping- and Kaizen sessions on the shopfloor (Lean), to Vision- and Leadership development programs within a strategic team. With Lean sessions throughput times will decrease and the quality of the process will increase substantially (less mistakes and defects).


20 years of experilence in both management and projectmanagement roles

Lasting change through behaviour and culture

I can apply my highly developed relationship- and structure skills, to offer people structure to get them to perform in a motivated and optimal way. This is the basis for reaching a lasting efficiency improvement.

Improving process efficiency and quality

Looking at your everyday work in a different way

The way you look, makes what you see as waste.

Lean (Six Sigma) is an easy to explain and easy to understand method for continuously improving processes. This helps to quickly make the result visible, which in turn ensures that after their training, everybody almost automatically looks at their everyday work with a ‘lean view’. After a theoretical training and how to apply, employees and managers will follow a coach program in working with Lean. This way they can maximise their learning through the experience.

Working with Lean (Six Sigma)

Why improve (with Lean Six Sigma)?

Learning from the experience.

With Lean (Six Sigma) sessions you can achieve shorter throughput times and a considerably better quality (less mistakes and defects). This way cost can be reduced tremendously and more capacity will be freed up for new opportunities and growth. Moreover more efficient use of the physical space can be realised and the visibility of the status and progress of the process will be improved, so timely corrections can be made.

Lean Six Sigma consists of  two philosofies for process efficiency and quality improvement, that enhance each other. Lean Manufacturing (developed by Toyota) emphasizes speed (throughput time reduction) by eliminating activities that don’t add any valu for the end product / service from the customer’s point of view.

Six Sigma (developed by General Electric) focusses more on the individual process steps and the improvement of quality by elimination errors. Both philosofies are customer centric and strive for decomplexing processes and a culture of continuous improvement for both production- and service organisations.

What they say …

I gave already few Lean Trainings with Mascha and it was a very enjoyable experience. Mascha is always well prepared which makes it very smooth and easy. She is enthusiastic and her enthusiasm spreads amongts the trainees! She is patient with all and knows very well how to explains simply and clearly difficult topics. Her knowledge and vast experience give her the ability to illustrate all type of subjects so trainees can relate to the theory in the best way possible. I am already looking forward to the next training!

Nathalie Lachaise

Change Program Manager, Cygnific

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