Lean Six Sigma won’t work for us, our business is different

by Mascha Westen-Reinders Folmer, Reinders Folmer Consultancy, 5 February, 2021


On the off chance that you figure Lean Six Sigma will not work for your organization, you are either uninformed or decline to change. Each business interaction can be estimated, improved and controlled utilizing the Lean Six Sigma philosophy.

With regards to the usage of Lean Six Sigma in organizations where it is hard to gauge the boundaries, how it can work? For instance, organizations in facility management who provide housekeeping services, and so on “How could Lean Six Sigma be executed there?” I likewise recall the occasions I’ve gone through working with different business utilitarian territories – showcasing and deals specifically. I wince when I recall their contentions regarding why Lean Six Sigma isn’t material to them on the grounds that their work isn’t a science; it’s a workmanship. My safeguard regularly appeared to fail to be noticed.

At whatever point I experience circumstances like the two delineated above (I’m certain you can concoct a couple of models from your life), I quickly recall discussion with a Black Belt associate. She said, “We realize that everything in business is a process, right?” Yes, she is absolutely right. However, I additionally believe that numerous individuals – paying little heed to their situation inside an organization or association – frequently “fail to remember” that reality.

I say “fail to remember” in statements since they don’t actually fail to remember, but since they are either ignorant or decline to change.

  1. Ignorance. I accept that when individuals know about the enchanted strategy called Lean Six Sigma, they fail to remember that each business runs in view of cycles, measurements and authority. Yet, they may not run well, however they run. How well they run relies upon how proficient the cycles are in gathering the client necessities. How quick cycles improve relies an extraordinary arrangement upon the strategy used to distinguish absconds (utilizing measurements), confine the main drivers, and dispose of causal elements. None of this completes, obviously, without authority. There isn’t anything supernatural about estimating, improving and controlling how well an interaction performs. It works in assembling, and it works in deals. Need a couple of different instances of useful regions or ventures where it works? Records payable, delivering, designing plan, composing, the executives, client assistance, semiconductors, programming, equipment, HR, showcasing, preparing, assortments, hazard, gathering, medical services, account… I think you get the thought. It works anyplace you need to improve measures. Just to repeat – each business utilizes measures.
  2. Refusing To Change. This is absolutely an enthusiastic reaction. The vast majority don’t care for change, however need to be considered as “change specialists” inside their business. Jack Welch, previous GE CEO and Six Sigma Champion, urged representatives to “embrace change.” Nothing improves without change. A great many people understand this so they discover a piece that they can change anywhere, however embrace business as usual. In case you’re a group chief (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt), you need to see how to lead change inside your business. Something else, individuals will most consistently stand up to.

So How Do You Make Six Sigma Work?

All things considered, on the off chance that you don’t have a Quality foundation and you haven’t taken a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt course, help yourself out and pursue one. Conversation Forums are valuable for getting quick venture help, yet you will have to comprehend everything from both a high-level and detailed-level view. You in all likelihood need to be trained to do it. Allow me to rehash myself, you no doubt should be trained to execute Lean Six Sigma well.

On the off chance that you have the background and training, at that point you need to choose the correct proejct. How about we go through a model that should assist you with getting your brain going the correct way.

Facility Management Example

Who is your client? In the event that you have a Facility Management organization, anybody recruiting you to perform janitorial administrations is your client.

What are their prerequisites? These ought to be indicated in the solicitation for recommendation that the client supplies, or in the agreement that you supply. In the event that your client is considering you responsible, there is most likely some base help level arrangement inside the agreement.

What are the right measurements? Keep in mind, you can’t improve what you don’t quantify. What’s essential to your client? Ask them. Meeting them. Make a composed study and permit them to restore the review to you secretly. Here are a couple of thoughts regarding what I need from my janitorial organization consistently:

  • All garbage eliminated
  • All glass cleaned
  • All floor coverings totally earth free
  • All floors glossy
  • No dust on free surfaces
  • All mobile items (seats, wastebaskets, tables, and so forth) supplanted in appropriate position

How would you measure these prerequisites? Define a unit, opportunity and defect. Measure your process – It’s that simple. Arbitrarily pick a day a week and visit the office when the janitorial team is finished. Is each wastebasket emptied? Is each window and desktop clean? Would you be able to flip over a mat and see earth on the floor? This is how you can tell. No advanced science or pixie dust expected to gauge how well a janitorial process is running.

How would you improve your processes? See what is causing your defects. Make a pareto chart of your defects. Zero in on the significant issues utilizing the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC system.


Will Lean Six Sigma Help My Business?

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