About me

Mascha Westen (BlackBelt)

Lean culture & behaviour specialist
Author ’See-Do-Lead’-method
Lean process specialist
Professional speaker
Owner of Reinders Folmer Consultancy

Is your organisation in need of a successful approach for a lasting Lean implementation?

Instead of giving a nice pitch about me, I would like to swap roles! I’m here to help YOU!

  • Why doesn’t my Lean implementation deliver the desired results?
  • Why don’t my employees apply the theory and tools they have learned in their Lean training?
  • Why do we keep going back to the old way of thinking and working?
  • I only encounter resistance when I try to implement the Lean philosophy in my organisation. Why don’t they want to cooperate?
  • I know the Lean (Six Sigma) theory and tools, but where do I start and how do I apply them?

    When you recognise one or more of these quotes, you could use some help with the Organisational Change Management side of your Lean change.

How do I know what I know?

In my 20+ years of working experience I’ve always had change related roles. I have seen many failures and luckily also successes. The common denominator is the human being in the change. This side is often underestimated and that will come back to haunt you, which results in not being able to reach the real potential of your change. This is why I deepened my knowledge in the behavioural and cultural aspects of organisational change.

What can I do for you?

With Reinders Folmer Consultancy I see to it that the people in the organisation are well prepared to start their Lean change. My theme based See-Do-Lead-approach leads them through the Lean concepts and ideas, and I teach them what they can gain with Lean and what their contribution can and must be.


20+ years

I am proud of all organisations I work for and have worked for in the past.

Expert in Cultural and Behavioural change and Business Owner

Reinders Folmer Consultancy – Freelance

Jan. 2015 – to date

Reinders Folmer Consultancy specialises in the Cultural and Behavioural Change side of Lean (Six Sigma) transformation. Assignments were done for the following companies:
> Bureau Tromp – Trainer Lean Six Sigma BlackBelt
> Merem Medische Revalidatie. Childrens division. Consultancy on Lean and standardisation of processes.
> Cygnific, ATIM Academy en Kronenburgh Business School (MEAO) – longstanding assignments as Lean trainer/coach

Other assignements:
> NFU (Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medisch Centra) – facilitating a brainstormsessie to identify problems.
> Randstad Group – Guest speaker about dealing with resistance
> Facilitating multiple ‘Road from Strategy to action’ sessions

Freelance Lean Six Sigma trainer (BlackBelt) & Subject matter expert


Feb. 2016 – to date

> Conducting multiple 4 day Lean/OrangeBelt trainings in coproduction with a Cygnific (Master) BlackBelt.
> Developing and conducting multiple Lean Six Sigma facilitator (practical) trainings (basic and advanced)

ATIM Academy

Mar. 2018 – to date

Conducting Lean Six Sigma GreenBelt training:
> Koopman Car terminal Amsterdam, including coaching trainees in their projects
> ATIM Academy 4 day open LeanGreenBelt training in ‘s Hertogenbosch

Subject Matter Expert:
> Updating existing training material and co-developing new training & exam materials
> Redacting LeanGreenBelt training material, Dutch version

Bureau Tromp

Sep. 2020 – to date

> Conducting the open 6 day Lean Six Sigma GreenBelt training in Utrecht and Zwolle

Freelance teacher Lean en Creatief - Vocational education

Kronenburgh MEAO College (vocationial education)

Jan. 2018 – to date

> Developinng and conducting theoretical and practical classes and exam for the subject Lean and Creative for both fulltime and parttime students in their last year.
> For the fulltime students a visit to a Lean organisation is included.

Lean Consultant

Merem Medical Revalidation – Freelance
Feb. – Aug 2020

Data analysis, improving cooperation, standardising processes

KLM Engineering & Maintenance

13 years 5 months

Programme Management Officer ‘Introduction 787 IT’
Feb. 2015 – Dec. 2015

> Streamlining the coordination between 3 to 4 Programme Managers by introducing and leading a monthly meeting
> Risk and Issue management
> Recording the minutes of the umbrella Programme Board 787 IT
> Setting up and maintaining the SharePoint site

Programme Secretary ’Securing our Future’
Aug. 2013 – Feb. 2015

Secretary of a large change programme at KLM E&M Base Maintenance:
> Structuring the programme by developing and implemening standard reporting formats, monthly progress measurements and weekly progress reports
> Calendar management of all programme related meetings

Projectmanager ’Teams & Teamroles’
Feb. 2013 – Aug. 2013

> Leading 3 projects as part of a large change programme at KLM E&M Base Maintenance (Teams & Leads, Combination jobs, Problem Solving), including determining composition and prerequisites

HR Projectmanager
Jan. 2010 – Jan. 2013

> Setting up and facilitating the E&M-wide Lean Leadership approach with the Operational Management Team
> Coordinating and executing HR projects both KLM-wide and E&M specific, such as introduction HR-Dashboard, new SAP functionality and employee satisfaction survey
> Liaison on behalf of HR for all ICT-changes end questions
> Facilitating HR team sessions

Lean Six Sigma trainer / facilitator
Dec. 2005 – Jan. 2010

> Developing, conducting and organising all internal Lean Six Sigma related trainings
> Facilitating Lean Six Sigma sessions, like Kaizen events, VSM-sessions, WorkOut/Sensing sessions, 5S sessions
> Coaching and guiding Lean-, Green- and BlackBelts to be.

Business Consultant / Coach
Aug. 2002 – Nov. 2005

> Coaching and guiding higher and middle management (managers leading mechanics and Ground engineers, most of whom rose from this group)
> Facilitating brainstorm sessions
> Co-developing the training policy and the practical implementation there of
> Act as a projectmember in a E&M-wide project about translating the legislation to practise, including implementing it for Wide Body Base Maintenance

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - ICT

3 jaar 11 maanden

Manager Customer Services
Mar. 2001 – May 2002

> Setting up the ‘Customer-side’ of the HR/IT department
> Restoring the relationship with the internal HR-customers
> Reorganising the HR/IT department and in doing so ending this role

Manager Program Support Office
Jul. 1998 – Feb. 2001

> Setting up the department
> Developing the Programme Management method into practical tools and trainings for KLM
> Supporting the running programmes, e.g. with setting up strategical business plans

SAP consultant

Magnus Management Consultants – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Oct. 1995 – Dec. 1997

> Functional SAP (software) implementation
> Developing and conducting end-user training


Six Sigma BlackBelt training

General Electric – At the Customer For the Customer

Leading Systemic Change – deepening

Ellie van der Est

Meerdaagse workshop die leidinggevenden en consultants steunt om proactief met dynamieken en condities in organisaties te werken. Om latente kracht beschikbaar te maken en verandering effectief te begeleiden.

Introductie training, C.O.N.S.E.N.T.-methode


Methode om communicatie te realiseren waarbij iedereen een gelijke inbreng heeft en een collectieve besluitvorming bereikt wordt. Dit resulteert in meer balans, meer efficient werk met een betere uitkomst en omringd zijn door mensen die zich gehoord en gezien voelen.

Het wiel van leiderschap en verandering

Ellie van der Est

Meerdaagse workshop die leidinggevenden en consultants steunt om proactief met dynamieken en condities in organisaties te werken. Om latente kracht beschikbaar te maken en verandering effectief te begeleiden.

Leergang Systemisch Werk

Ellie van der Est & The 7th C

Een mens is een autonoom wezen en maakt tegelijkertijd deel uit van verschillende systemen. In de eerste plaats familie. Daarnaast van een vriendengroep, beroepsgroep, bedrijf… Een organisatie is ook een systeem, evenals een afdeling en een team. Elke verandering in een systeem heeft effect op de leden van het systeem.
Systemisch werk biedt de mogelijkheid deze dynamiek zichtbaar en bespreekbaar te maken zodat krachten in het systeem voor eenieder duidelijk zijn. Van daaruit kunnen interventies effect hebben.

Lean Change Accelleration Process training en WorkOut Facilitator training

General Electric – At the Customer For the Customer

Twee trainingen gericht op de mensenkant van Lean Six Sigma. De eerste gaat vooral over omgaan met weerstand, de tweede over het begeleiden van Lean Six Sigma sessies zoals de WorkOut

Meerdere Lean Six Sigma trainingen

KLM E&M Lean Six Sigma Office

Onder andere:
– Lean Six Sigma introductie training
– LeanBelt training
– LeanGreenBelt training


HBO, Opleidingskunde

NCOI Opleidingen

In deze praktische training worden 3 modules behandeld:
– Opleiden in organisaties
– Didactische werkvormen
– Didactische vaardigheden.
De opleiding wordt afgesloten met een praktijk examen waar de vaardigheden getoetst worden met het schrijven van een opleidingsplan / curriculum

Management Class voor startende KLM managers

RijnStorm BV

HBO, Technische Bedrijfskunde – Logistiek

Haagse Hogeschool / r.k. Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk

Industrieel Ontwerpen

TU Delft

Middelbare school, Atheneum

Kennemer Lyceum